Truthful Elegance by Stacy Briggs

Artist Glenn Harrington has always been inspired by the drama he finds in everyday situations — the extraordinary moments in ordinary life. “Patient observation reveals reality,” he says, “and then we are free to interpret imaginatively.”

He is a gifted messenger. After all, he has quite a way with art. He is a gifted storyteller. After all, he has quite a way with words — those spoken and those visualized.

So when Glenn Harrington marries the two, it is time well spent.

Just the other day, he was waxing poetic about illustrating and painting — the similarities and the differences.

It was educational. It was thought-provoking. And it was soothing.

His illustrations have been published on more than 500 book covers, including classics such as “Room with a View,” “Pride and Prejudice” and “Wuthering
Heights,” and include two series of oils on the plays and sonnets of William Shakespeare and the poetry of William Butler Yeats.